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New Bike - New Sponsor - Take a look at the new "Team BT Phonecard Yamaha"

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Team BT Phonecard Yamaha   Team BT Phonecard Yamaha   1999 GenerRace Aprilia

Most of the remaining photos are of the Ducati used in the 1998 British Superbike Championship, with a few pics of the Yamaha Production Bike in action. Both bikes are currently up for sale, as we are racing all new machinery in 1999. So if you fancy something that little bit special, and you can handle the awesome power band, mail us and we'll send you the details.

Ducati 1995

Ducati 1998  Ducati 1998  Ducati 1998 - Airborne  Pete leading the Powerbikes

Ducati 1998  Yamaha 1998  Yamaha 1998  Yamaha 1998

Pete out in front  Ducati - Atlantic 252  Ducati 1997  Ducati 1997

Cadbury's Boost Poster  On the Grid


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