Well, what can I say! I can remember helping Pete test his first race bike, running up and down part built sections of the M25 in the middle of the night. Jumping on the rear of the bike to fire it up, Pete shot off into distance. Two hundred yards up the road the bike would stop, more adustments, I run up the road to catch up, just as I get there he's ready to try again. The bike got faster, and I got a lot fitter! Pete's Superbike racing team is a far cry from those early days, now an outstanding unit combining technical excellence and winning results with a first class reputation for delivering sponsor value and promotional opportunities.

I don't get involved in the racing side anymore, in the first place I can't keep up with the bike, and running up and down the M25 these days can seriously damage your health! I'll stick to developing web sites. I'm Pete's brother, so if your expecting an impartial guide to Pete's racing career you can forget it. On the other hand, if it's the previously untold story your interested in then stick around and I'll fill you in with the details. Just a quick ad, my business is web solutions - Thats Fantastic Web Design - were actually very good, and reasonably priced, so if you think the web is for you or your business (and it almost certainly is) contact me!

Pete is totally dedicated to motorcycle racing, as anyone who has worked with him or raced against him will testify. With a single minded pursuit of winning, Pete's career has included two seasons in Grand Prix racing, European Championships, and recently of course as the fastest privateer in the British Superbike Championship.

Regularly beating factory teams is fine, but winning is what matters. In 1999 we can expect to see Pete win more races than ever before. Competing in the 600 Supersport British Championship, the British Sports Production Champioship, and the RS250 Cup, we have a fantastic team set up for the year and look forward to seeing you at the track.

Recent History:  In 1994 Pete took his Cadburys Boost Ducati onto the rostrum in the Supercup, he regularly finished in the top 6 beating many factory runners, and took 8th overall in the British Championship. He won a number of other events, and earned 3rd place in the World Championship Endurance 24 hours at Spa. As a result of these successes he was picked up by Yamaha for his first "factory" ride, and then regained the Cadbury’s sponsorship which he took to Yamaha.

However after being badly let down in the 1995 season, Pete faced 1996 having to rebuild his team and reputation. Creating the Atlantic 252 Superbike team with the help of the "Sponsors’ Club" members, he took 11th in the Superbike Championship that year on a completely standard Ducati 916 Corsa. He looked on course to re-establish himself as a front runner in 1997, before his fight-back was delayed by leukaemia.....

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